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Enjoy the summer everyone! Rules for the 2010 competition are here.

I have not received updates for TourBot for sometime. Please send me any known information regarding meetings and/or updates

While having our demonstrations as well as from our many fliers around campus, we on the SPaRC team get asked many questions about all kinds of things. Because of this, we decided to compile a list of the frequently asked questions:

Q: What does SPaRC stand for and what do you do?
A: SPaRC stands for the Student Projects and Research Committee. We are a group of students (and professors) that work together on various projects. Currently we have two teams: the Competitive Robotics Team ad TourBot. We hope in the future as more students become interested in SPaRC to have more projects up and going.
Q: What is the Competitive Robotics Team?
A: SPaRC's Competitive Robotics Team is a group of students who build a fully functioning autonomous robot to compete at IEEE SoutheastCon competition. Near the beginning of a Fall semester, the team is given the challenges that they will need to overcome at the upcoming SEC, usually held in April of that school year. Find out more information at the Competitive Robotics Team page here.
Q: What is TourBot?
A: SPaRC's TourBot team is a wide array of students working together to create an autonomous robot tour guide. This robot will lead visitors through Auburn's many buildings and around the beautiful campus. The TourBot project is not for any competition, merely built to show people what our students here at Auburn University can do when we work together as teams. Find out more information at the TourBot Team page here.

This is page will be updated as more questions arise. Please feel free to e-mail me if you would like a question answered or would like to add a question.
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