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Enjoy the summer everyone! Rules for the 2010 competition are here.

I have not received updates for TourBot for sometime. Please send me any known information regarding meetings and/or updates


Mission Statement:

The Student Projects and Research Committee is devoted to providing students with a
meaningful, long-term team-based, design experience that will assist them in their
future careers.

May 13, 2009
School has been out for a week now and hopefully everyone is enjoying their beginning-of-summer activities. For those that will be here in AU over the summer, the SECon team will be performing the usual administrative activities and preparations for the coming year's competition. Please check back here for times and locations of the meetings.

For those in SECon that will not be here this summer, or those who are looking to join the SECon Robotics team, please contact the Project Manager William Woodall or the Webmaster Eric Miler. The contact information can be found on our members page.

Also, the first public draft of the rules for SECon 2010 have been posted here. Please start reviewing the rules now and brainstorm on some ideas so we can get moving quickly in the fall.

March 25, 2009 SECon
We had our end-of-competition meeting tonight where we discussed our strengths and weaknesses during the past year of planning and building. We will still be having weekly Wednesday meetings at 4:00pm in Broun 238 for the rest of the Spring semester to work on recruiting and management building for the upcoming competition.

March 13, 2009 SECon
There will be a post-competition meeting on Wednesday, March 25th at our usual meeting time. Please attend this meeting so we can finalize everything we've accomplished this semester, as well as, discuss a few things for next year.

March 13, 2009 SECon
Congratulations to the 2009 SECon Hardware Competition team on taking 1st place!

To see more pictures, please check out the photo gallery.
Georgia Tech has posted a video of all of the competing robots.

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